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Common Problems Page

The news page says there are updates, but I can't see them.

Try clearing your browser's cache, then reload the page.

Why won't the movie clips work for me?

  1. Try using Netscape instead of Internet Explorer.
  2. Download zip file to your hardrive, then open them locally and play.

All the images I view or download are all fuzzy, why?

If this is the case there is a very good change your an AOL customer. AOL by default has a feature call compress graphics enabled, you simply need to turn this option off and all the images will be displayed proper and clear.

I've ordered a video through the site, and I've not recieved it yet.

All videos are packaged promptly and sent out as quickly as possible, however if its been longer than the time you were informed of when ordered please email me and I'll look into it right away and have Gary get back to you with the status of your order so that you know what's going on. We are committed to staisfying each and every customer.